1) Always remembered by....

2) In loving memory of.......

3) In our hearts you willremain

4) With deepest sympathy

5) To the world you were our father (mother), to us you were     the world.

6) Gone but not forgotten

7) Someday we will meet again

8) God came to gather flowers and on His way, He gathered ours.

9) Safe in the arms of Jesus

10) Those who loved you, will never forget you.

11) Rest in peace

12) The link is broken, never to be mended again.

13) At Jesus feet, we will meet again.

14) He needed you badly, He took you suddenly; we accept very humbly.

15) You are always in our thoughts.

16} We will always treasure your memories.

17) Although our hearts are broken, our memories are good.

18} Silent tears through the years, memories of you will never fade.

19) At His right hand there are pleasures forever more.

20) No last word, no last greeting - but in heaven we shall meet again.

21} He called you by your name, you are Mine!