+ Is there a guarentee on the tombstones?

+ how long do we need to wait before we may install a tombstone?

+ How does payment work?

+ what information u need to supply to us

+ why are some tombstones more expensive than others?

+ does the price includes transport?

+ can u put more than one persons information on a tombstone?

+ is it possible to add a photo on a tombstone?

+ how do you engrave the letters?

+ Die pryse wat op die webwerf verskyn is dit vir die grafsteen alleen sonder woorde? Wat is die koste per letter?

+ doen julle landwyd besigheid, ek wil n grafsteen oprig naby Kranskop KZN ?<br/>

+ Do you pay extra to put a photo on a tombstone?

+ Doen u 'n klein gedsmksteen soosvir 'n "deksel" vir 'n verassings kissie in 'n gedenktuin

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